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Customerized Rotary Blowing Machine 120 Mm Clamping Stroke One Year Warranty

Customerized Rotary Blowing Machine 120 Mm Clamping Stroke One Year Warranty

    • Customerized Rotary Blowing Machine 120 Mm Clamping Stroke One Year Warranty
    • Customerized Rotary Blowing Machine 120 Mm Clamping Stroke One Year Warranty
    • Customerized Rotary Blowing Machine 120 Mm Clamping Stroke One Year Warranty
  • Customerized Rotary Blowing Machine 120 Mm Clamping Stroke One Year Warranty

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Reliable
    Certification: CE,ISO,CE
    Model Number: RM

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Wooden Csae
    Delivery Time: 15-30 working days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 15-25 per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Condition: New Application: Bottle
    Plastic Processed: PET Automatic: Yes
    Voltage: Customerized Warranty: One Year
    Material: Stainless Steel 304 Type: Servo Blowing Machine
    High Light:

    rotary blow molding machine


    extrusion blow molding machine

    Plastic Bottles Servo Blowing Machine For Beverage Water Drink


    Product Name Servo Blowing Machine
    Items Unit Model
    Molding Spec. Clamping force kg 85000
      Clamping stroke mm 120
      Stretching stroke mm 320
      Bottom stroke mm 30
      Cavity pitch mm 76
      Number of cavities cavities 12
    Container Spec. Max.volume, ctr. L 0.6
      Neck diameter mm 18~30
      Max.diameter, ctr. mm 70
      Max.height, ctr. mm 240
      Preform heating pitch mm 38



    bph 24000~22000
    Power Spec. Total power KW 150
      Power consumption KW 45~60
    Air Compressor Spec. Blowing pressure Kg/c㎡ 25~30
      High pressure air consumption m3/min 14
    Water Chilling Spec. Operating pressure Kg/c㎡ ≥4
      Temperature range 5~20
      Refrigerating capacity kcal/hr 21100
      Flux of cold medium L/min 70
    Water Cooling Spec. Operating pressure Kg/c㎡ 3
      Temperature range 25
      Flux of cool medium L/min 85
    Whole Set Spec. Size(L*W*H) mm 8575*3640*3300
      Weight Kg 9000


    1. Servo motor driven the mold clamping system and triggering off a bottom mold linkage as well (Synchronous belt driven the both size of movable mould plates.)

    2. Servo motor driven stretching system (Down stretching and blowing), the stretching rods are driven by a servo motor all at once, which ensures the synchronicity of the motion of the rods and makes it easier to do adjustment prior to production. (After interchanging the bottle blow mould, makes it much easier to adjust the height of stretching rods, just need to input the datas on the touch screen, instead of doing the adjustment by manual.)

    3. Servo motor driven stepping motion for preform rotary heating system (38mm Preform heating pitch, more preforms are uninterruptedly heated within the same distance, which improves the efficiency and energy saving above 50%)

    4. The perform transfer system with the grippers and variable pitch system are both driven by the servo motors to ensure high speed and accurate perform handling between the two mechanism.

    5.The touchable screen control and temperature adjustment simplified the temperature adjustment for different bottle blowing type.
    6.One of t he very first manufacturers invented rotary preforms infeeding structure in China, which is very stable and reliable and applicable of different size of preforms.
    3.The servo conveying system with high accuracy of posi
    tion , quick speed and good stability, as there is no air resource which is energy saving and with low maintenance charge.
    7. Servo motor controls the stretch rod to stretch the performs .The advantage is: it can stretch the preforms by phase, firstly, position the performs ,make the preforms in a vertical position, then second stretch .By this way it guaranteed the stretch of the preforms evenly and consistently .The stretch speed is very fast and accurate.
    8.The carrier and carrier head is separate , which can changed different carrier head in a short time ,the speed of the carrier rotation device is changeable which can adjust the rotation speed of the preforms and make sure that the preforms are heated evenly.
    6.The reversal structure design is easy for the adjustment of the height of the lamp and the distance between the lamp and preforms and also for lamp change. The non-stop heating mode guaranteed every preforms can be heated evenly, the gap between preforms is very small and energy saving. There is apretecting for neck screw, which can protect the neck screw from deformation while heating.
    9.First class air supply
    10.No need for low pressure air supply(12 Cavities Plastic Bottle Servo Blowing Machine)


    1.The height of machine frame is around 110mm,that much lower than the machine which both of preform pitch and the bottle center pitch is 114mm,makes it easy to operate and maintain.

    2.The slide fit molding system makes mold interchange easily and only takes 30 minutes to finish the job. When interchanging the blow mould, just need to loose the 4 bolts, pull out the mould and then mounting the new one along positioning groove, and lock the bolts. The same way to change to bottom mould. Because the weight of 12-cavity mould is around 200KG, it is better to use the manual or automatic gantry crane to interchange the blow mould, so that this job will be done much easier. For the normal structure machine which the preform pitch and the bottle pitch are same, during interchanging the blow mould, the operator must stand on the machine frame, and then interchange the blow mould, higher risk and more limited factors during the work.

    3. Blowing system and heating system are separated, small friction and little vibration.38mm pitched, more preforms are uninterruptedly heated within the same distance, this uninterruptedly rotary heating system, makes the preform heated more evenly, easier to be shaped, the finished bottle appearance and thickness uniformity are better,Especially for the high gram weight of bottle without any strengthening ribs.

    4.Servo motor driven stretching system (Down stretching and blowing), more conducive to the forming of the bottle bottom, bottle blowing effect is better.

    Full electric energy saving machine is equipped with the high pressure air recycling system, doesn’t need to equip the low pressure air compress any more.

    The whole mechanism works speedy, accurately, stably and flexibly. Meanwhile, it is energy efficient and environmental safe.

    The full electric energy saving machine can save the energy above 50% comparing with the machine which the cavity pitch and the preform heating pitch is same 76mm.

    Customerized Rotary Blowing Machine 120 Mm Clamping Stroke One Year Warranty

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